Advice for students considering a Nuclear Engineering Degree

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Last month we received a message from a follower who is considering studying Nuclear Engineering at university. They asked for some tips/advice to help them understand if it might be the route for them.

We asked our followers for their input and we heard back from a range of people about: why they chose their field of study, what they advise someone should study or on what is helping them during their studies.

The advice shared is listed below.

“Study relevant articles and be a smart student at university.”

“Nuclear is broad and flexible. You can enter so many different and exciting fields in this (Nuclear Engineering) major.”

“Don’t take a Nuclear Engineering degree. It is a bit too specialised. My is advice is you should take a Chemical or Mechanical Engineering degree and study some nuclear courses alongside.”

“Here at McMaster (Canada’s best nuclear school) we have Engineering Physics which is interdisciplinary with a nuclear option.”

“I’m taking courses that range from Electrical Engineering to Thermodynamics to Fluids to Mechanics on top of my nuclear courses.”

“I love my Nuclear Engineering major. I want to positively contribute to my country’s development. The Nuclear Engineering major helps us to find more solutions to live better.”

Thank you to our followers for their contributions.

If you are a current or former Nuclear Engineering student and have some advice to share, please get in touch so we can update this article. Or if your path to the nuclear sector came via a different route, please let us know and we’ll add that too.

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