Managed IT services within the UK’s Nuclear sector need to change…

I’m going to make a bold statement… 

“Managed Information Technology (IT) Services within the UK’s Nuclear sector are BROKEN, and they need to change, fast.” 

Why? I will come to that later. For now, let’s look at the problem.

The nuclear sector is a thriving industry with many complex challenges and projects, and where some of the world’s best engineers, scientists, designers and project managers operate. The industry is made up of a vast array of consultants, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and enterprise organisations, all usually controlled by larger entities. Some of the organisations can often be slow and cumbersome, like changing the direction of a large aircraft carrier at sea.

When broken down, you will often find that IT and Technology are the limiting factors within these nuclear organisations.

Often though, it’s not the fault of the organisation.

Enterprise IT Providers are slowing the Nuclear sector down.

That’s right, Enterprise IT providers are slowing down progress and innovation in the sector. Well, there are x2-x3 very large enterprise IT providers that are causing the biggest issues from the top.

Due to their size they have forgotten what it means to add value as a Managed IT Provider. Instead of working to the client’s needs and goals, they concentrate on THEIR technology and vendor partnerships, THEIR share price and THEIR red tape. They are also too large to embrace change, and often any organisation under their care will suffer the same blockers on innovation and progress.

Things need to change…

Things need to change, and they need to change fast. For the Nuclear sector to improve, grow and innovate then these relationships need to be broken down. The large Enterprise Managed IT providers need to step aside or better still, break their teams and technology into smaller agile ways of working. They also need to be given the freedom to embrace new IT and technology to fast track the sector.

Smaller Managed IT and Technology providers support SME and Enterprise organisations much more efficiently and with better results. The ability to move quickly, embrace new technology and be able to pivot has a plethora of advantages to the nuclear sector.

What do we do differently?

At Yellowbus we are on a mission to make that change. We believe that the Nuclear sector needs a leading Managed IT provider that is agile, flexible but that also focusses on the organisation & project goals first, and then aligns the technology to support.

With more and more Joint ventures being born to solve complex challenges, the large Enterprise IT providers cannot deliver the speed, costs or innovation whilst maintaining quality and security.

What are your challenges?

If you work within the Nuclear or engineering sectors as a leader, manager or internal IT team I would love to hear from you.

What challenges do you face within your organisation or where do you feel you need to improve?

Are you restricted by IT and Technology?

Feel free to contact me to discuss.


The opinions expressed in this article are those of Mike Douglass and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Nuclear Focus.