Weekly News Roundup – Tuesday 26th October

We round up the past week’s news and updates from the world of Nuclear.

New nuclear reactors can help France become carbon neutral by 2050 -RTE, from Reuters: “French grid operator RTE said next generation nuclear reactors offer an affordable path to shifting the country’s energy mix away from fossil fuels and make the aim of carbon neutrality by 2050 achievable.

“Building new nuclear reactors is economically viable, especially as it makes it possible to maintain a fleet of around 40 gigawatts (GW) in 2050,” said the RTE in a report examining the different pathways to meet the expected rise in electricity demand.”

IAEA and UAE to Conduct International Exercise to Test Global Nuclear Emergency Response, from IAEA: “The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will conduct a two day international exercise to test the global emergency response system for a severe accident simulated at the UAE’s Barakah nuclear power plant.

During the 26 – 27 October 2021 exercise, 75 Member States and 12 international organizations will participate to evaluate their emergency response actions in order to identify good practices and highlight areas needing improvement.”

Primorsky named as possible nuclear power plant location, from World Nuclear News: “Grid development in Russia’s Far East will create more opportunities for nuclear energy, Deputy Energy Minister Yevgeny Grabchak said, noting that plans for a new nuclear power plant in Primorsky are being drawn up.”

The US Air Force Is Building Its First Micro-Nuclear Reactor, from Interesting Engineering: “As the U.S. military looks for ways to secure its energy requirements in the near future, it has now taken a significant step in this direction by selecting a site for its first micro-nuclear reactor. The Department of Air Force has selected the Eielson Air Force Base (AFB) in Alaska to pilot this next-generation energy capability, a press release said.”

EU ministers debate how to tackle rising energy costs, from The Independent: “European Union ministers met Tuesday for emergency talks focusing on energy amid deep divergences between the 27 member countries on how to tackle a crunch that has seen consumers’ bills skyrocket this year.

The wave of price hikes is not set to abate before next spring, and ministers discussed a set of short-term measures that have been put forward by the European Commission to help consumers and businesses weather the shock.”